Dinner With Jesus: Peace Around the Table Series

Dinner with Jesus: Peace around the Table." More than any of the other gospels, Luke emphasizes table fellowship. Luke portrays Jesus eating with those considered ‘unclean’ and living at the margins of society, such as tax collectors, prostitutes, and ‘sinners.’ Jesus also dined with the Pharisees and those in positions of power. But sharing dinner around the table with Jesus was more than just a meal - it became a living enactment of the Kingdom of God. It welcomed (and continues to welcome) all people, drawing them toward repentance and inviting them to become a part of God’s new family. Jesus used the occasion of a meal to demonstrate love and acceptance, as well as to challenge cultural stereotypes and human ‘wisdom.’ The practice of sitting around the table together embodies peace with one another and peace with God. Pull up a chair! There’s room at the table for you.